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Why Computicket?

We all want to experience life to its fullest and making all different experiences accessible to each and every customer is critical. Whether its an event, concert, exhibition or school fundraiser we are driven by the passion for making it easy buy and making sure no one is excluded.

Ticket Types

Offer your experience

From general admission tickets to reserved seating, packages and even season tickets.

Multiple Prices

Maximise you sales

Charge multiple prices for different ticket types and even offer Coupons, Codes and Complimentarily options.

Realtime Reporting

Stay up to date

Don't wait until tomorrow to know whats happening. Realtime reporting keeps you informed and ahead of the curve.

Scanning App

Welcome your patrons

Welcome and validate your patrons before they enter, Unjani. Get real-time information around patrons entering the venue.

Box Office

Have your event live in under 15 min.

If you need to be in full control of your event. Whether its managing capacities, pricing or issuing of complimentary tickets.

Self service allows for the full benefit of Computicket's distribution network with the advantage of managing the event lifecycle yourself.

Sponsors or partners have special requirements. Coupon codes allow you as an event organiser to manage benefits and special offers. The reporting allows you to see which coupons have been redeemed and for you to make the right business decision around your campaigns.

If you are hosting a free event and need people to sign-up so that you can manage the on the day experience. Its free to use and you can ensure that you offer the best experience for your patrons.

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Our Prices

Selling your event no longer needs to be a major expense. Focus on getting the most from your event without worrying about the cost.



  • Unlimited Events
  • Suitable for free seminars
  • Customer registrations
  • Guest lists
  • Public or private
  • Online only


4.5% ex VAT

  • Includes all online costs
  • Free Complimentary tickets
  • General Access events
  • Time based pricing
  • Self Managed
  • in store sales add R 4 per ticket



  • Reserved Seating
  • Festivals
  • Complex Events
  • Large on-sales
  • 3rd Party Integrations
  • Stadium eventing

Any Questions? Answered

We hope we have you covered but if not feel free to ask.

Yes, self service is available for events that require only admission or un-reserved tickets. You can sign-up to manage and load your event here.
Tickets are made available through the Shoprite, Checkers, House&Home and U-save store network. Customers can purchase tickets for your event at any of these locations if you have elected to enable store sales for your event.
A guide for loading your event is located here. Should you still be having issues please feel free to chat to one of our agents through the live chat widget located on the event loading screen.
Load your event on the self service platform, invite guests to sign-up or issue tickets out your guests. There is no charge for free tickets on the self-service platform.
A way of ensuring that only the people you want to qualify for the discount, is by issuing coupons that are used when your customer wishes to complete the purchase for your product. You can create and issue coupons within the self service event administration portal.
To have your event activated on the Unjani scanning system you can send a request here
Each event has its own unique link as well as a link to all of your events, access to these links are available in the event admin area or grab it straight out the browser window. You can even create a hidden event that is only accessible to the people who you have shared the link with.
Contact us for more information about what marketing opportunities are available.

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Trusted for more than 50 years

From stadiums to classrooms, accessible for all.


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