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What do Millennials, Couples, Families and Solo travellers want in travel post lockdown?


The world of travel is already going through many changes due to the interruptions that came with the COVID -19 outbreak. We are already seeing a lot of changes in travel habits, with many travellers questioning when they will get to explore the world again? Will the major changes in how we travel affect our holiday experiences? Will holidays be cheaper or more expensive? What travel trends will appeal more to millennials, couples, families and solo travellers post lockdown?


Bucket List Trips

Since the global and national lockdowns, the idea of travel has become even more precious to a lot of people. Being shut indoors for so long has made a lot of us appreciate the privilege of travel and we cannot wait for when it is safe to go out into exploring this wonderful world of ours.

Millennials, couples and solo travellers will be looking into trips they can tick off their bucket list. Dream destinations and once-in-a-lifetime getaways will be in high demand for these travellers. 


Sustainable Travel

Millennials and solo travellers enjoy going on meaningful trips that come with low air travel and allow them to support the local communities along the way. They will be looking more into going on holidays that are beneficial to the planet and local communities in post-pandemic times. Many will start with local travel, taking road trips to remote holiday locations, visiting local villages and supporting local shops. 


Social-distancing holidays

Crowd-free holiday spots such as remote islands and private beaches will be in demand once the world opens up for business. Social-distancing while travelling will become a norm and many of these travellers will seek out crowd-free holiday spots that will allow them to be in touch with nature while providing them with engaging and adventurous activities like hiking, bird-watching, animal trekking etc.



holiday spots

Because most family members are currently not spending time together during the lockdown, they will be looking forward to escaping their daily routines and would be interested in heading away on a family holiday for a great chance to reconnect. These families are looking for holiday spots that will offer the whole family, from grandparents to children, the excitement of shared discoveries, activities and relaxation offers that will make it unforgettable for all generations.

Millennials, Couples, Families and Solo travellers will be looking into travel packages that will be helping them achieve their post lockdown travel desires, holiday destinations that are more eco-friendly and cater to all generations, booking trips that are more meaningful and will bring them closer to nature.   

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